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Noël Wessels is a Dutch musician, DJ and art designer known for his unique take on Drum n Bass, Hardcore and various other genres of electronic music. His productions are often described as dark, haunting and cinematic and he is well known for his high quality mixing and mastering skills. Besides his Dj Hidden alias, he is also known as The Outside Agency (along with Eye-D), Semiomime, The E.L.F. Architect, Conspiracide, Louis Cyphre, The Ravenous and The Immobilizers (a collaboration between The Outside Agency and Mindustries). In addition to his work as a DJ and a producer, Noël also runs the record labels Hidden Tracks, Genosha Recordings and its sub-label Genosha One Seven Five together with Eye-D, and Notochord Recordings together with Slacknote. Apart from these outputs, he has also released vinyl records and CDs on a large number of other labels including two full length albums as Dj Hidden, one as Semiomime and two as The Outside Agency. As a sound designer, Noël contributes sound effects to the videogame industry and as a graphics designer he is responsible for a lot of the artwork of both his own releases and those of others.